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For Parkour Coaches

ADAPT Qualifications

The Art du Deplacement and Parkour Teaching (ADAPT) qualifications ensure that any individual who wishes to coach others in the discipline of parkour / freerunning will do so in a knowledgeable, professional, competent and safe manner.

The global ADAPT network provides an existing resource of highly experienced coaches and coaching bodies to support each individual in their personal and professional development.

For P.T. & Fitness Enthusiasts

Parkour Fitness Specialist

Parkour Fitness has a task-oriented approach to fitness training, requiring constant adaptation and application by the individual, and is centred around a holistic approach to multi-planar mobility, body sensitivity, functional strength, agility and spatial awareness.

For Health and Fitness clubs

Parkour Programs

Parkour Programs is a revolutionary modular training program for health and fitness clubs who want to provide their members with a dynamic and life-changing approach to movement.

Drawing on decades of experience as athletes, trainers, parkour trainers and fitness education professionals we have designed a natural movement training program that offers a complete and holistic method of practical movement development.